The Art of Dog Training


My name is Marjan Baas and I am a qualified canine instructor – a graduate of the Martin Gaus Training Academy and a member of Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Behaviour & Training Academy.

Being a force free, reward based instructor, I offer private trainings for the very young, young and not-so-young dogs. The benefits of private trainings are that all my attention is for you and your dog, given at times that are convenient for you, with the possibility to include your family in the training and with customized programmes to teach you how to be the best friend your dog could wish for.

The trainings are in the beautiful woods around Hilversum, making it possible for you to enjoy a lovely walk with your dog before or after the training. House visits are also a possibility.

For information regarding trainings and rates, please contact me directly at or by phone/whatsapp at +31 6 43588035.