Dog Training Amsterdam

Courses in Dutch and English

We believe in force free, reward based training. Meaning no aversive training methods and pack leader nonsense. Be the snack leader instead!

Training obedience to a dog is not about obedience. It’s about building a strong, loving connection with your dog so you can lead them in life. Being a consistent dog parent whom speaks DOG is what our training is all about.!

All programs are customized and will be held in a location of your preference>

Private Puppy Training – 8-14 weeks of age

€ 330 for 6 weekly Private sessions of 45 minutes each

We start with the absolute basic cues like sit, recall and paying attention, we will talk about the importance of socialization, housetraining tips and general skills to communicate effectively with your dog. Sessions will be held in Amsterdamse Bos or a location near you.

Private Basic Course -14 weeks and up – Private training

€ 275 for 5-weekly Private sessions of 45 minutes each

Highly recommended follow up course. Would you like to refine your training skills to teach your adolesent to be attentive, calm and responsive in a positive way?

Single Topic Courses 

These single-topic courses are great for adolescents who forgot all about their puppy training. And a great refreshing course for seniors.

€ 165 for 3-weekly private sessions of 45 minutes each

  • Basic Manners (entry-level)
  • Recall (Basic manners required)
  • Leash walking ( Basic manners required)

Single Private lessons

€ 75 for a single private session of 60 minutes

Ideal for simple behavioural modification. You’ll receive tips and tricks how to handle the particular issues. We try to plan the sessions at a location near you. Dogs ‘n Doodle is located in Amsterdam Oud Zuid. If the requested training location is not in our area we will charge additional parking fee.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services. Click here to read (Dutch version only)


€ 55 for a private session of 45 minutes

In this session we assess the dogs behavioural issues and discuss a plan of action. Note: we only assess and advice in this session, we do not do any training.

Photographer Aydiner Taskin