Camilia Dallali  Founder/Dogwalker

Founder Dogs ‘n Doodle. Qualified Canine Professional and Manager day to day operation at D&D.

I grew up with dogs, like many of us,  and was always interested in teaching dogs new behaviour or tricks. I feel I have a natural connection with dogs.  But it was only when my beloved medium Schnauzer Filou died, I realised I want to work with dogs. And so I did.

Found Dogs ‘n Doodle and in order to be a real canine professional, I attended the Martin Gaus Academy to become Canine Instructor.

As my daily job is mainly walking dogs, I’ve noticed a growing need for force-free, reward-based training in Amsterdam. I am happy to announce that from  September 2020 Dogs ‘n Doodle will start with courses to teach you and your dog to work together. For puppies, youngsters and mature dogs, courses in Dutch and English.

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