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Courses in Dutch and English

Camilia Dallali  Founder

Founder Dogs ‘n Doodle. Qualified Canine Professional and Manager day to day operation at D&D.

I grew up with dogs, like many of us,  and was always interested in teaching dogs new behaviours or tricks. I feel I have a natural connection with dogs.  But it was only when my beloved standard Schnauzer Filou died, I’d realised I want to work with dogs. And so I did.

Found Dogs ‘n Doodle  in 2016.  In order to become a real canine professional I attended the Martin Gaus Academy to become Canine Instructor.  Currently I attend Tinley Academy to further develop my training skills.

To keep in contact with the field I’m a member of Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Behaviour & Training Academy.  Working with dogs every day for the past 5 years gave me extensive experience in dog bodylanguage and behaviour.

For puppies, youngsters and mature dogs.

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Photographer Aydiner Taskin