Private Dog & Puppy Training

Certified Dog & Puppy Trainer providing bespoke training courses and consultations for puppies, teenagers and adult dogs one-to-one, delivered at your doorstep!

Do you speak DOG?

A dog is a wonderful companion in life and wouldn’t be great to understand each other fully and have a calm and balanced dog. Often dogs try to understand us, but WE lack the proper dog-communication skills.

We just don’t speak DOG. So we leave them to figure out what we want from them. This can be frustrating for owners and dogs.

Dogs ‘n Doodle’s Certified Canine Instructor/ Dog Trainer Camilia Dallali teaches you how to have calm, consistent energy, and with positive reinforcement training techniques to communicate clearly with your dog.   In other words, learning to speak DOG. Raising and training your dog is so much easier when you do!

Learning to speak DOG is fun, for owner and dog. You will see progress from the first session and how amazingly clever your dog picks up training. Click here for more information

Hope to meet you soon!

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