Dogs ‘n Training

The gift of confidence is forever!

Amsterdam-based Certified Dog & Puppy Trainer providing bespoke training courses and consultations for puppies, teenagers and adult dogs one-to-one, delivered to your doorstep!

Our courses are based on the 5 C’s principles.

As animal welfare is our priority, Dogs ‘n Doodle’s mission is to educate dog owners in a force-free, reward-based program that suits their dogs. Private sessions for all breeds and all ages.

We believe that clear communication on our part will help build a solid foundation in which our dogs can be confident*  and happy. Dog training is not about obedience. It’s about making a strong, loving connection with your dog so you can lead them in life. All dogs benefit from being confident in life. A well-balanced dog is a content dog.

Dogs ‘n Doodle’s Certified Canine Instructor/ Dog Trainer Camilia Dallali teaches you how to build that connection with your pooch. By having calm, consistent energy and simple training techniques you will learn how to communicate effectively with your dog, always respecting the dog’s feelings. We like to speak about co-operation rather than commanding the dog. A connection built on trust is stronger than control!

Building a loving, unbreakable connection is also about having fun, for the owner and dog. You will see progress from the first session and how amazingly clever your dog picks up training. Click here for more information

Hope to meet you soon!

*As confident as possible, considering your dog’s predisposition, temperament and history

Dogs ‘n Doodle is registered at KvK. All prices all including 21% BTW

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Ditch the pack leader, become the snack leader!

The gift of confidence is forever!