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We believe in fear-free, reward-based training. Meaning, no aversive training methods and pack leader nonsense. Be the snack leader instead!

  • All programs are customized and will be held at a location of your preference.
  • You will have full e-mail support for the duration of the course.
  • All prices include travel expenses and parking fees, in Amsterdam

Private Puppy Training – 8-14 weeks of age

€ 450 for 5 weekly Private sessions of 45 minutes each

We will talk about the importance of socialization, housetraining tips and general skills to communicate effectively with your dog. We start with the absolute basic cues like sit, recall and paying attention,

Private Basic Course -14 weeks and up – Private training

€ 360 for 4-weekly Private sessions of 45 minutes each

Highly recommended follow-up course. Would you like to refine your training skills to teach your adolescent to be attentive, calm and responsive positively? Or your puppy hit puberty and the cuddly furball, who followed your every step, is turned into a cheeky little hardhead with total disregard for your nerves.

NOTE: you cannot sign up for this course with a puppy younger than 14 weeks or without general skills learned in a puppy course.

Single Topic Courses  

These single-topic courses are great for adolescents who forgot all about their puppy training. And a great refreshing course for seniors.

€ 270 for 3-weekly private sessions of 45 minutes each

  • Basic Manners (entry-level)
  • Recall (Basic manners required)
  • Leash walking ( Basic manners required)

Single Private Session

€ 135 for a single private session of 60 minutes

Ideal for simple behavioural modification. You’ll receive tips and tricks on how to handle specific issues.

Or for a Pre-puppy consultation. You’re about to welcome your puppy into your home but you would like some guidance in practical matters.

Free Digital guides for

  • The first weeks when the puppy arrives. Including schedules for house training and a Socialisation checklist
  • Pre-puberty, puberty, spaying/neutering your dog or not
  • About enriching your pooch’s life. You’ll receive this guide with all our courses
  • Puppy play. What is safe puppy play and a socialisation checklist

How do you apply for a training course?

Fill out the form on this contact page, and you’ll receive an email with a registration form and a date proposal. If we agree on the time slots, we send you a confirmation and an invoice. All courses need to be paid in full before the first training session starts. After payment, you’ll receive your free Digital Guides

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